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26 Haziran 2018
Playout Onair


4K/HD/SD Automated Playout and Graphics with Streaming, Drag, Drop and Play any Video Files Instantly You can easily add your files by drag and drop method directly anywhere on playlist from file explorer of OS to content field. There is no restriction on number of media files added to the playlist of playout.


SD/HD/4K/IP Character Generator, SD, HD, Ultra HD (4K) Outputs Provides UHD key and fill output, HD, SD key, fill output beside internal pass through. Live Graphic Overlays on the SDI Signal Live graphic overlays on the SDI signal as internal pass-through character generator. Key and Fill Outputs Provides CG key and CG fill outputs as source of vision mixer DSK input


*Multi-Channel Multi-Format Ingest SD-HD-IP. Multiple Sources and Formats. *Automated File Transfer and Removal after Ingest. *Easy Ingest Overlays Time and Date Separately on Each Recorded File or Stream *User Friendly Interface. *Easy Re-Streaming of a Transport Stream to Flash Media, Wowza or a Windows Media Server.


*Media Asset Manager and Archiving Solution *Easy to use, scalable, affordable solution *A centralized multimedia content catalogue *Simple and advanced search *Search by category or alternate criteria


*Quick and easy setup window *Monitor and analyze multiple sources with alert, log and action. *Quick and easy setup window *Easy and understandable log window *Automatically send alert emails to the specified e-mail address of the person for errors. *Multiple program transport stream (MPTS) or single program transport stream (SPTS) sources can be selected. *It can be prepared custom multiple designs for monitoring and can be switched among monitors easily.


*Encode HD/SD SDI, HDMI and Analogue sources to Point to point or media server as Unicast or Multicast. *Blackmagic Device & Virtual Device Input *SD/HD Video Stream *Mpeg2, H264 or Mpeg2 ASI and H264 ASI *MPEG Layer or AAC Audio Output support.


*EMS DVB Analyzer is a comprehensive, adjustable and robust solution that enables powerful and accurate analyze of all the aspects of DVB Transport Streams. *Easy DVB Analyzer decodes all MPEG and DVB Service information *TS Sync Loss, Sync Byte Error, Continuity Count Error, PMT Error, PID Error and Transport Error, CRC Error, PCR repetition Error, PCR discontinuity Indicator Error, PCR accuracy error, PTS error, CAT error

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